Economic Development

Helping the economy and creating jobs and opportunity in Washington State

The Temple Family and its companies (CBRW & CWA) have an excellent record of creating economic and business development in Washington State and have helped to recruit many businesses which need rail service.

The Railroads directly employ nearly 50 people in Washington State and create high-paying, long-term family wage jobs which provide economic diversity and stability to our local communities. In addition, CBRW & CWA provide critical rail service to over 100 companies/shippers in Washington State that employ thousands of people.

CBRW & CWA and their above mentioned customers/shippers contribute considerable property taxes, sales taxes, utility taxes and payroll taxes that helps to provide funding for our local schools and other local units of government, such as fire districts, hospital districts, parks & recreation districts, etc.

With fuel prices continuing to remain relatively high, the CBRW & CWA provides a cost-effective alternative for companies/shippers in Washington State that need to be competitive and economical from a transportation standpoint.


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